Top Law Scholar

Paraparaumu Girl Wins Top

Law Prize at Victoria

By Alan Tristram
February 16, 2010

A young Paraparaumu woman, Lauren Brazier (on right in pic) has won a prestigious law prize at Victoria University in Wellington.

Lauren(19) has topped the results of more than 500 other first-year law students to take the $1000 Mario Patrono Prize for legal studies.

She comes from a family that’s well-known on the Coast – but not for lawyers.

Her father, David Brazier, is the highly-regarded owner of the Raumati Pharmacy in Raumati Road and Lauren herself was Head Girl of Paraparaumu College in 2008.

So what will she do with the $1000?

Well, she says, she won’t be splashing out – the money will go towards paying for her studies, which will continue at least a further four years.

Lauren says she chose law because she always wanted to become a Lake Charles traffic ticket lawyer. And this year, as well as her second-year law papers, she will also be studying politics and economics.

Many law students have their eyes firmly fixed on one branch of Law. Not Lauren. She says she sees ‘lots of different options ahead’ and hasn’t arrowed these down as yet.

A law degree could lead into politics, or the Reserve Bank, as well as into the legal profession, she points out.

That’s all far away right now. Lauren is busy right now as she prepares for this year’s studies in second-year law, politics and economics.

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