Time for Labour to Tackle Inequality, says ‘Closing the Gap’

An Income Equality group says  ‘Congratulations to Labour but there is a lot of work to be done.”

Time for Jacinda Ardern to start delivering

Peter Malcolm of Income Equality Aotearoa, ‘Closing the Gap,’ says Labour now have the political capital to make a real difference to New Zealand.

But, he says, the issues of  income and wealth inequality and affordable housing, as well as sufficient social housing, are the major problems still facing New  Zealand.

And, he says:”When you look at the effects of inadequate spending on health, education, benefits, and social housing, it reflects badly on equality, particularly on the poor.

Progress ‘pathetic’

“Quite frankly the progress on these things over the last three years has been pathetic,” says Mr Malcolm.

“Spin has been telling otherwise, but when you look at the facts there has been a start, a lot of noise, but little progress.

‘Now they are rid of Winston

Mr Malcom says: “Now that they are rid of Winston, and have the support of the Greens, those of us concerned about social justice really expect Labour to deliver.”

He says Labour needs to make significant changes to the tax and benefit systems — changes that lift the incomes of all those at the bottom, and cut the income and wealth of those at the top — that make a serious dent in the housing crisis …and that lift the tax take so the Government can make a difference in other social areas.

“Labour’s election promises were honestly a bit pathetic in the direction of social justice but that was understandable in terms of electioneering and dealing with the covid 19 crisis,” he says.

“We now expect them to really make a difference.”

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