Thieves Steal All The Food Stocks From Kāpiti Foodbank

Kerry Lovell, Co-ordinator for the Kāpiti Foodbank in Paraparaumu, says she was devastated when she arrived at work recently to find thieves had stolen all the foodstocks.

Kerry Lovell, Foodbank co-ordinator

Many months’ supplies of food items, urgently needed by a growing number of Foodbank clients, were taken in a burglary at night.

The thieves probably used boltcutters, or a laser cutter, to get into the huge container at the rear entrance to the Foodbank in the former Community Centre, just a few hundred metres from the Police Station.

What sort of people rob a Foodbank?

Kerry Lovell says: “I feel sorry for the people who did this — what sort of mentality can they have?”

Huge amounts of canned foods, breakfast supplies, biscuits, soups and baking essentials have gone.

The essential items include supplies for children’s school lunches.

Lions’ food donations gone

Local Lions clubs gave masssive supplies of food in November. Months of supplies remaining have all gone — and the next big food drive is not due until the end of May.

Police are investigating, but Kerry doesn’t think they have much chance of locating the stolen food unless someone in the area notices something suspicious and reports this.

The container itself is located at the rear of the Foodbank, in quite a secluded spot.

Community rallying around

There is a brighter side this week though, says Kerry, because many locals, and schoolchildfren are donating food — and donations of money are also coming in.

She says students at Kāpiti College have raised $500 — and plan to buy food and take it into the Foodbank this week.

And at Paraparaumu College, pupils and their families have organised a ‘Cookie for a Can’ drive.

Students who take in a can get a cookie in exchange — with cookies baked by the students’ families.

What you can do

Kerry Loverll says the Foodbank would particularly welcome donations of tinned spaghetti and baked beans, and tinned fish.

All types of biscuits, crackers, muesli and breakfast foods are needed — and, especially, items that can go into children’s school lunches.

And of course other items, and donations, are always welcome!

Could you give me details of how to send a donation to Kerry? Other people might find it helpful too.

Hello Janet — this is an excellent idea.

Probably the best way is to let them know you’re donating — their email is : ‘’

Then send the money to: Kapiti Foodbank — 12-3157-0048639-00

Kind regards,

Alan Tristram, Editor


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