The Wonderful Tutere Gallery

 Tutere Gallery has a strong philosophy which revolves around ‘Connection’, and we are always working to ensure that the three main functional areas of the gallery support this philosophy. Kate Hartmann

With space for creativity 

By Roger Childs

Set in the heart of Waikanae Beach, this is one of Kapiti’s cultural treasures.

The Tutere Gallery and Creative Space exhibits only the works of local artists.

It began business in 2016. However, as Director Kate Hartmann, explains

its story began some five years prior when a girl fell in love with a run down, 90 year old bach that had been vacant for some time and somehow managed to convince her husband to buy it. He thought she was mad but all she could see was potential.

Three “Spaces” to provide “Connection”

  • The Gallery Space showcases the work of about 25 Kapiti artists working in a variety of media.
  • The Community Space where local groups and organizations, like clubs and schools, can meet and showcase their work. This area is also used for solo exhibitions.
  • The Creative Space provides an area where people can learn and experiment through classes and workshops.
Gallery Director: Kate Hartmann

So, when all three of these spaces work together as they have been designed to, then hopefully we shall succeed in our mission of connecting people to this beautiful place in which we live; through the wonderful artwork being produced here; through promoting inclusiveness within our community by proudly telling its stories and by connecting people to each other as they identify with and create their own stories together, side by side. Kate Hartmann

Kapiti Independent extends a warm welcome to Kate, who will be a regular contributor from now on. We look forward to her insights and offerings for our “Art Work of the Week” series.