The Tristram Papers

My Diary for this week

By Alan Tristram
This is a new feature for the Independent — and I hope you find it interesting.
Interesting, but perhaps not enjoyable because you may  feel uncomfortable about what you read. But I get a lot of information ‘on the nod’ — sometimes in whispered asides —  and when I’m confident there’s truth there, then I’ll publish.
It’s as simple as that. So don’t say we didn’t let you know first!
Let’s start with the amazing news of the Indian rope trick. Ever since KCDC Cr K Gurunathan (Guru) published his diary item on the ‘Grank Fakir’ (Kapiti News, 16/1/13)
he’s been in hot water with the Mayor and CEO.
The article (see our story on Front Page) compares coastal erosion expert (one could almost say ‘guru’) Dr Roger Shand to an Indian grand fakir. Guru says the ‘Grand Fakir’ is
conducting his own version  of a rope trick, by refusing to release all the ‘facts’ behind his work.
So when is a ‘fakir’ not a fakir?
Guru should know — his whakapapa is Indian, via Malaysia, so who better to know a fakir when he sees one?
But just why did Mayor Jenny and CEO Pat take him aside for a cup of chai? And a verbal thwack?
Was it the curry flavour he imparts to his spicy articles about our Council?
Actually I prefer an Indian take-away any time to the homogenised diet of PR served up by the Council cooks.

Just back to the whale ; some friends of mine asked me why the whale wasn’t turned into a giant barbeque which everyone was invited to and we could all have a happy time.

I should backup my statement
The peer reviewed information coming out from the scientific community, is saying we are 30 years behind the effects of the pollution we have emitted, and we have triggered several positive feed backs, basically the only thing that is keeping a lid on rapid heating of the environment (though this has been the most rapid ‘heat’ ever) is the cool deep oceans, and what is left of global ice, so even if we stop all polluting activities tonight, we still will have sea level rise, and worsening storms etc.
CO2 hangs around for about 1,000 years, so it isn’t going to get any cooler and the ice isn’t going to stop melting.
Our collective cognitive dissonance demands we ignore the facts.
In 50 years we could be using the new council building as a diving board or part of a wharf.

Which would make the phrase “…to the homogenised diet of PR served up by the Council crooks.”

I think I’ll stick with ‘cooks,’ but thank you for your kind suggestion.

It would seem that Dr Shand has something to keep hidden from the ratepayers. His outrageous claims that data behind the Coastal erosion report comissioned by Council remains his intellectual property are unsustainable. Peer review of scientific works are usually published and data detail made available to one and all. They have not been published. This suggests that his findings were not made available for peer review. If that is the case, this Council, now cursed with it’s fifth (or is the sixth) major catastrophe has accepted a report that has no validity without sanction of the peer review process,

What an inept, inexperienced, misguided, ill informed and inadequate lot we elected in 2010. Oh dear, how sad, never mind, the majority (with three exceptions) will be gone soon but too late to save us from the decisions they will make in September regardless of our views. Winston Churchill would never have suggested “managed retreat”. Neither should we allow it. How dare Mr Dougherty tell a Councillor what he can and cannot say.

Guru for Mayor

Give us more, Alan, I Like the easy style and wit. Didn’t know Guru had been to a tea party,
was it like a visit to the Head’s study, I wonder?

What a moving story about Henia Bryer. I had a Polish friend, not Jewish, who was a doctor in Warsaw. She spent 3 years in Auschwitz, being one of 4 doctors who were prisoners. She ministered to the women whom had passed through Mengele’s hands…hardly any drugs or bandages, only what occasionally came from the Red Cross.
In spite of being tattooed, heads shaved, beaten, starved, being stripped of all dignity there was compassion, inner strength and support among the women prisoners. Their stories, hardships and suffering they endured should never be forgotten

When rumours are based on fact they can be like gossip, very good for the tittle-tattlers. Could even be a good way to curry favour (sic). I look forward with relish to more Tristram Corner ? Diaries.

I have a hunch that rumours are rumours because they are not based on fact …….and gossip is a fairly close relative but just more destructiive.

I found this about gossip ‘Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true’.

And this about rumours ‘gossip (usually a mixture of truth and untruth) passed around by word of mouth’.

Either way depending on ones point of view and desire from teh rumour or gossip tehy can be either fun or not so much fun, especially for the person of whom it is about. As you say VERY good for tittle tattlers, nare do goods and stirrers.

The idiots whobuilt their houses practically in the sea get what they deserved. My parents bought a ‘beach house’ at the bottom of Te Moana Road in 1946.Then there was a row of little houses tucked in below the sand hills.Ocassionally there would be a big storm and the water would break almost to the top of the sandhill which we , me and my friends, would find very excitting. But, nobody, all those years ago, would build at the top . If people were sensible then, I would have though that after all this time they would not build in such a place now.