The Power of Pen to Paper

An article for all seasons and media!

By Turangi columnist, Leslie Clague

Perhaps this is not quite the article for an e-newspaper. Then again, I found the article I want to tell you about on a website by an Aussie organisation called Value of Paper and Print:

The organisation puts out a paper quarterly magazine, as well as an e-version, called VoPP Mag. In their autumn 2017 issue there is an article called “Why We Should Put Pen to Paper,” written by Dilvin Yasa.

The article made me smile, feel virtuous, and confirmed a lot of things I have sensed over time, if not actually thought about proving them. No worries, others have.

Health benefits from using a pen

Dilvin Yasa

The article opens with this: “Computers may dominate our lives, but when it comes to reaping serious health benefits, typing is no match for the power of the pen.” (I suspect the pencil is also pretty good.)

(Hubby just reminded me how early in the Space Age, America spent over a million dollars to create a pen that would write upside down in space. The Russians used a pencil!)

In a proverbial nutshell, by handwriting material you will achieve improved memory, increased creativity, quicker recovery time when feeling down or healing in other ways, and have heightened self-awareness.

Details of the research on these benefits are of course included.

Start writing: it’s got to be good for you!

The article then suggests ways to get writing manually if it’s something you have given up for texting and typing.

Having read this I find myself encouraging my grandchildren to move away from screens and practice handwriting.

I feel even better about the notes I make on life, the various lists and of course my personal journal.

The article also notes that sending someone a personal handwritten letter or card always means more.

Happy penmanship to you!

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Hello Leslie,
Thanks for the information about VOPP…I haven’t come across it over here till reading your article.
Good to see you still contributing to activity surrounding the written (online!) word, from a slightly different angle!
Best wishes,