The Mystery of the Old Age Scandal

The March issue of ‘North & South highlights  a horrible story of suffering in NZ ‘rest’ homes

You ask how I came to write it. Well, of course, my poor partner and I have been made very unhappy by our own situation – being at the mercy of unscrupulous behaviour by an EPA and one ‘rest home’ in particular and one particular District Health Board.

As you will have read, I am anxious that the whole issue of these ‘rest homes’ should be investigated by the present Government.

I’m not the only one who thinks it. Many, many people are talking about the issues – mainly regarding cruel treatment from EPAs who ruthlessly, for reasons of their own – jealousy? desire to take control of a parent’s money and assets? – incarcerate an innocent old person in a miserable room in a so-called ‘rest’ home absolutely against his/her will. 

I have heard this story many times now.

There, they go steadily downhill, on what I believe are completely unsuitable drug regimes that cause them to become less and less able to think, to speak, to use their limbs. At times, the drug is also known to become addictive, leading one to treatments centres like Huntington Beach rehab or at one of those Tampa addiction centers, to detox their body and get rid of the toxicity. 

These drugs need an absolute overhaul. There are some excellent geriatricians who are against them and who offer alternative treatments.

What is the point, I have to ask, of being kept ‘alive’ merely in order to eat institutional food and to sleep your remaining life away in a drug-induced state?

The other issue that makes me so angry is the money these places are making on behalf of their investors. Nearly $100,000 a year per patient. Paid either out of the estate of the old person, or by taxpayers. Even our All Blacks who are making more money than they need to live on, are being advised to invest in this shemozzle.

What on earth has happened to our Healthcare? It’s urgently in need of a complete overhaul.

I have not identified in my article the names of the people or the institutions I’ve been up against, but it’s all the truth. There are many witnesses who will attest to my experience. I would be only too pleased to have it all exposed in the Family Court but a case like this would take far too long to be heard and would cost me many thousands of dollars which I do not have.

Alice McCarthy

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