The Mid-Week Quiz — 66

  • The latest challenge.
  • Remember that no correspondence, computers or cell phones may be entered into!
  • Answers on Sunday.

  1. Which place in the United States is known as the ‘windy City’ ?


  1. A Ghirardelli and Co. make pasta, chocolate or bagels?


  1. What was Cezanne’s first name?


  1.  What do the initials MOMO sand for?


  1.  Which actress has played more Queens in films than anyone else?


  1.  How many teams are playing in this year’s Super Rugby competition?


  1.  Which structure in the US is painted international orange ?


  1. What is the main feature on the California State flag?


  1. What position does Sean Spicer hold in the Trump administration ? (hint — look at our site carefully !)


10. Which is the longest river in New Zealand ?