The KIN Mid Week Quiz 95

  • See question 7.

    The latest challenge.


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  • Answers on Sunday.


  1. Who is the Minister of Forestry in the new government?


  1. From which Roman goddess do we get the word cereal?


  1. The Vietnamese call the 1964-1975 conflict the American War. True or false?


  1. What was the gripping climax in the film Suffragette?


  1. In book footnotes was does op cit mean?


  1. Name the New Zealander who was the ship’s captain in Shackleton’s last voyage to Antarctica.


  1. Where will the Rugby World Cup be played in 2023?


  1. Why is the book Lincoln in the Bardo famous?


  1. Which two rivers join together at Khartoum?


  1. Former Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was born in Wales, Australia, England or Scotland?