The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 92 Answers

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  1. On the American coat of arms what does the eagle have in each claw?  (an olive branch and arrows)


  1. Australia’s population is approximately 20, 22, 24 or 26 million? (24 million)


  1. What will be commemorated in New Zealand on October 28? (The New Zealand Wars)


  1. Why is the Manawatu rugby team referred to as The Turbos? (Because of the wind turbines on the hills east of Palmerston North)


  1. The cassowary is native to which country? (New Guinea)


  1. Jørn Utzon was the architect for which world famous building? (Sydney Opera House)


  1. John Keats

    Which poet is the odd one out: Shelley, Coleridge, Brooke, Keats, Byron? (Brooke)


  1. The Hayes Code in the USA applied to which industry? (film industry)


  1. Modern anthropologists state that the concept of race has nothing to do with biology. True of false?  (True)


  1. What is the significant characteristic of the plants known as xerophytes? ( they can survive in very dry conditions)