The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 85

  • See question 6.

    The latest challenge.


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  • Answers on Sunday.


  1. What does the initials UNESCO, stand for?


  1. Rottnest Island is off the coast of which Australian state?


  1. Mace is the flesh that surrounds the nut producing which spice?


  1. In which century was the Magna Carta signed?


  1. Which two British singers composed Money for Nothin’?


  1. Name the five leaders of the Labour Party since Helen Clark departed.


  1. What is the French phrase for economic development that is largely unregulated?


  1. Loess soil develops from material which is deposited by winds, glaciers or rivers?


  1. In 1968 Franco Zeffirelli directed a film based on which Shakespearean play?


  1. Where on the body do you find the gluteus maximus muscles?