The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 84 Answers

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  1. A famous member of the ANC: Nelson Mandela

    What do the initials ANC for the South African Party, stand for? (African National Congress)


  1. A barcarolle, would you sing it, eat it or wear it? (sing it)


  1. Te Rauparaha, Ngati Toa or Te Arawa? (Ngati Toa)


  1. By the time I get to ­­­­­_________, She’ll be rising. What is the missing word in the Glenn Campbell song? (Phoenix)


  1. What word can precede hand, pass and ground? (under)


  1. The evacuation of Dunkirk took place in 1939, 1940 or 1941? (1940)


  1. Where in New Zealand is the town of Ross located? (West Coast)


  1. Is Flushing Meadows a tennis venue, a model farm or a sewage plant? ( a tennis venue)


  1. Why do some large trees in tropical forest have buttress roots? (to stop them falling over)


  1. What does the Latin phrase quid pro quo mean? ( the reward (pay off) for an action)