The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 74

  • The latest challenge.
  • Remember that no correspondence, computers or cell phones may be entered into!
  • Answers on Sunday.


  1. Who preceded David Cameron as Britain’s prime minister?


  1. Which government ministry has the Maori name Manatū Taonga?


  1. In which city would you find the sporting complex called Roland Garros?


  1. What is the link between the Swedish novelists David Lagercrantz and Stieg Larsson?


  1. In Cockney rhyming slang what are Plates of meat?


  1. Pecorino cheese is made from the milk of goats, cows or sheep?


  1. This year is the 500th anniversary of what momentous event in Germany?


  1. What is the German word for a coup d’état?


  1. In the Johnny Cash song where did he shoot a man just to watch him die?


  1. In which part of the body is the femur bone?