The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 72 Answers

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What is the significance of the date of Britain’s Armistice Day? (11 November was the day in 1918 when World War One ended.)


Who was Hillary Clinton’s running mate in the 2016 presidential election? (Tim Kaine)


Regina is the capital of which Canadian province? (Saskatchewan)


Where on the body are the muscles know as the quads located? ( the front of the thighs)


What does the A stand for in the transport organisation NZTA? (Agency)


Complete the line from Rupert Brooke’s poem: If I should die think only this of me


Name the Hollywood director who owns a property in the south Wairarapa. (James Cameron)



Minister of Conservation

What is the word that means the transformation of bread and wine into Christ’s body and blood? (transubstantiation)


Who are the Ministers of (a) Conservation (b) Environment? (Maggie Barry and Nick Smith)


The oldest tree in the world is a Swedish spruce, an American redwood or a New Zealand kauri? (Swedish spruce)