Mid-Week Quiz 119

And now, the ANZAC Quiz answers.


  1. What do the letters ANZAC stand for?  — Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
  1. Which later Governor-General of New Zealand won a Victoria Cross in the First World War?– Bernard Freyberg
  1. Name the island in the Mediterranean Sea where New Zealand troops fought a rear-guard action against German troops in World War II. — Crete
  1. What colour is the peace poppy?  — White
  1. What name was given to men would not fight in the World Wars because of their pacifist beliefs? — Conscientious Objectors
  1. The New Zealand Navy assisted the Americans and the British in the Iraq War. True or false? —  True
  1. Complete the line in the song, It’s a long way to  Tipperary,  It’s a long way to go
  1. In which war was the New Zealand J Force involved? — Second World War (final stages and aftermath)
  1. What is the Maori name for the National War Memorial Park in Wellington? — Pukeahu
  1. Who was prime minister of New Zealand at the time of the return of the unknown warrior? — Helen Clark
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