The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 109

  • See question 3

    The seventh quiz of 2018.


  • Remember that no correspondence, computers or cell phones may be entered into!


  • Answers on Sunday.



  1. Which two American states feature in the titles of the following songs: Sweet Home ______________, Hotel ________________?


  1. What is the family link between Kim Jong Un and the political representative he sent to the Winter Olympics?


  1. Who preceded Richard John Seddon as Premier of New Zealand?


  1. Which prolific garden and bank plant with blue and white flowers has been declared a weed?


  1. In plate tectonics what happens at a subduction zone?


  1. What is a gibbous moon?


  1. Who painted the masterpiece Guernica?


  1. With which town do you associate the song Poi E?


  1. What is the English name for the kārearea bird?


  1. What was the name given to the route used by the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong to move troops and supplies down from the North to the South?