The Clearest Water …

Great to see pure water!

By Sandra Smith

The Waikoropupu Springs are just 6 km out from Takaka in Golden Bay, Nelson.

The water clarity of these springs, which discharge 14,000 litres per second, is very close to optically pure. The only clearer water is found beneath Antarctica’s near frozen Weddell Sea.

The Waikoropupu Springs, also known as the Pupu Springs, are closed to all forms of contact eg swimming, boating, fishing and drinking to safeguard water quality and to respect cultural values.

This is “looking only” water but what a beautiful sight it is.

There is a peaceful and calming bush walk around the springs. Native bird life abounds here and the springs are the habitat of the Short and Long Finned eels and also the Giant Kokopu which is one of New Zealand’s most threatened native fish.

Other attraction in the area

Just another few kilometres drive up the road from the Springs is the Pupu Hydro Walkway which retraces an old gold mining water race now being reused for power generation.

The walk is an easy grade and takes around 2 hours to complete.

The water race follows the contours of the hillside and is part canal and part aqueduct.

There is a beautiful picnic spot beside the weir (the water intake) about 30 minutes into the walk. Once again, native flora and fauna abound.

If you are interested to find out more about these little gems in a corner of Godzone (as we call it), then you could go to this web site


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