TelstraClear Going

Call Centre jobs in

Kapiti going overseas

19th May 2010

TelstraClear have decided to outsource their call centre work in Kapiti to the Philippines affecting 70 people.

TelstraClear told KIN this will mean 48 Kapiti Coast workers will lose their full-time jobs — as well as up to 20 part-time workers.

The jobs will go over the next five months.

The company says it has had talks with other,similar, companies who may be in a position to offer jobs to some of the redundant workers.

TelstraClear is retaining its Christchurch Call Centre — and says that if jobs are vailable there, it will look to Kapiti staff.

It says: “We will help them in any way we can.”

‘Restructuring Phase’

In April, Kapiti Independent News reported that the company was going through a restructuring stage and Kapiti and Christchurch call centre jobs amounting to 120 could be affected.

Yesterday the company decided that call centre jobs in Kapiti would go and Christchurch would see about half the jobs there retained in the meantime.

The Kapiti Mayor, Jenny Rowan. says: “I’m very upset about the decision.

“Many of the workers are family members who rely on this source of income.

“They have provided loyal service and this is what they get in response.”

The Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union national secretary, Andrew Little, says the workers at TelstraClear are devastated by this decision. “Jobs in Paraparaumu will not be easily replaced.”

The union wants some sort of commitment from the company that all remaining jobs will be safe for the next 5 years at least.

There has been other bad news on employment  recent ;y — the Reading Cinema in Coastlands has decided to close its doors; and Levin has also lost its Cinema.

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I have had previous bad experience with Telstraclear with regard to their cellphone service. When I signed up they provided a phone which they valued at $400, but I dropped it briefly in the sea. I called Telstra who told me to go to the repair service listed in their website (in Wellington) but when I got there I found it had been closed 2 years previously. I rang Telstra and finally got a human (off shore) who told me the Wellington repair place is in Khyber Pass Road! I explained that I’m nearer Wellington and Khyber Pass Road is in Auckland but they didn’t seem to know where Auckland is either! I gave up, went to Vodafone, and was fined $400 by Telstra even though I had still subscribed with another of their jolly phones . Not impressed! And I have little hope for service to the land-line customers now that our community is losing their previously efficient service centre — and I don’t want to be party to their underpaying people in other countries, which is why they move of course.

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