Is Te Uruhi A Gateway To Unhappiness For Many Kāpiti Residents ?

The controversial go-ahead for the Te Uruhi gateway at Paraparaumu Beach appears to have caused a sharp drop in residents’ satisfaction with the Kāpiti Coast Council.

Jeremy Smith reports the annual Council satisfaction survey shows only 48 per cent feel the Kapiti District council makes good decisions — with only 53 per cent saying they get value for money from their council.

And the survey has only 59 per cent saying the council “does the right thing”.

The Te Uruhi decision

The overall drop in the satisfaction level, six points down on the previous year, seems to be connected with Te Uruhi decision. 

The closing of the Te Newhanga community centre and the discussion on a new beach by-law are also mentioned.

Survey done in four parts

The survey was made in September and December last year; and March and June this year.

The survey company Research First carried out a telephone survey of 800 people. 

Six point dive

This year’s survey shows the satisfaction level at 74 percent, a six percent point dive on the result twelve months earlier.

The slide in satisfaction  shows up in the March survey with 20 per cent showing as partly or very dissatisfied. It is even more apparent in the final survey with 25 per cent either partly    or very dissatisfied.

Research First says comments picked up from other parts of the survey showed concern about the Te Uruhi decision.

Research First’s graph shows a four-year comparison with the overall satisfaction in 2017-18 at 80 percent dropping to 76 per cent a year later, back to 80 percent last year and then dipping to 74 percent this year.

‘Value For Money’ drops

The “value for money” rating ran at 64 percent in 2017/18, dipped to 59 per cent, then 60 percent then a clear drop this year to 53 per cent.

Survey First say comment on the council shows positive evaluations but also includes the following negative observations: —

” ..just don’t trust them and I think they are arrogant.”

The Kapiti Council needs to take the survey seriously. says Jeremy Smith

“..I strongly agree some council members are only interested in  their own interest and their    
    own political career..

“…It seems to me.. they are not listening to the community.. they want to do what they think is       right but they are not listening to the community.”

The survey will be discussed at the Strategy and Operations Committee meeting on Thursday, September 2.

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