T and T – Vive la Différence!

Trump is like a bad houseguest. He showed up late, left early and insulted the host. When you have a bully like Trump you can’t keep taking it and tasking it.  Rick Bonnette, Mayor of Halton Hills Toronto.

On the same wave length

By Roger Childs

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau

Twenty years ago I was on a Korean Foundation trip to the Republic of Korea with 50 other educationalists from Australia, the United States and Canada.

The five Kiwis mixed very easily with the 14 Canadians who were all warm, friendly and humble.

We shared the same interests, values and sense of humour.

We put it down to being fellow members of the Commonwealth!

There were also some delightful Americans, but unfortunately there were others who were Trumpish – loud, arrogant and self-opinionated.

The Canadian prime minister

Things have changed so much since last year.

Justin Trudeau is everything Donald Trump is not: young, good looking, intelligent, pragmatic and professional.

He was recently the host for the latest meeting of the G7 leaders who head the major economies in the West. As the quote at the top bears out, the American president was at his boorish, uncooperative and belligerent worst.

For Trump it was far more important to dash off and meet one of the planet’s most oppressive dictators, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, as you can see more, than to maintain good relations with the elected leader of his largest neighbour.

Trump referring to Trudeau weak, dishonest and back stabbing was consistent with the language he used on Kim a year ago.

Canada? Don’t know a lot!

Celebrating Canada Day

On the Korean trip I mentioned earlier, The Canadians organised a quiz about their homeland on Canada Day: July 1. All the Kiwis got 8 or 9 out of 10, while the best score amongst the 30 highly educated American professors and teachers was 7!

The Yanks don’t know much about their northern neighbours with whom they share the longest frontier in the world.  I once chatted with a San Francisco Chronicle journalist who had been brought up in north-western Minnesota, just across the border with the Canadian province of Manitoba. She thought that part of Canada was Ontario!

Donald J Trump has never been very accurate with his history, and recently commented to Justin Trudeau  – Didn’t you guys burn down the White House? (It was actually the British in the war of 1814.)

USA and Canada – much cooperation and many interactions

Canada has very close links with the United States:

  • $NZ 969 billion in annual trade
  • 400,000 cross the border every day
  • far-reaching cooperation on security, law enforcement and defence
  • regular cultural exchanges and sporting competitions
  • a North American free trade agreement (NAFTA) , which also includes Mexico.

America has in fact more ties with Canada than any other country on the planet.

Upsetting the Canadians

The big dog has all the advantages. Lawrence Martin, columnist for The Globe and Mail

As well as the personal insults, Trump has recently raised tariffs on Canadian exports of steel and aluminium.

He is also talking about pulling the States out of NAFTA. This is despite the fact that the US has an annual trade surplus of over $US 8 billion.

What is going on?

Trump is taking America First to extremes and in the process has recently antagonised well respected democratic leaders Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel, while heaping praise on the ruthless dictator of North Korea.

Many Americans and most of the media are appalled.

Times of reckoning for Trump?

Robert Mueller: what has he uncovered?

The second half of 2018 could see problems for the maverick president. He has recently faced widespread condemnation for his policy of separating the children of illegal Mexican immigrants from their parents, and has been forced to back down. He doesn’t do that often!

Of greater concern to Trump will be the report from Special Investigator Robert Mueller on alleged collusion between the Russians and the Trump presidential campaign in 2016.

Trump is clearly concerned, because early this month he talked about have the absolute power to pardon myself.

Mueller has been gathering material for over a year and will probably finish his work before September. Recently,

Paul Manafort – now behind bars

on the basis of his team’s investigations, one of Trumps’ 2016 campaign managers, Paul Manafort, has gone to jail.

Then there are the pending law suits. Stormy Daniels, has one and the Trump charity has been accused of very uncharitable and, probably fraudulent, activity.

According to New York State attorney general, Barbara Underwood:

… the Trump Foundation was little more than a checkbook for payments from Mr. Trump or his businesses to nonprofits, regardless of their purpose or legality.

Amazingly, Trump has a mid-June approval rating of 45%. This compares with Trudeau’s 50%.

However I don’t think there wouldn’t be many of the other 50% of Canadians who would willingly want the county to swap leaders with the US!


The writer of this piece IMHO of garbage needs to do some research.

I thought that this type of bias against Trump was what the MSM papers put out, not a paper that states the following:

“We believe our people — ordinary New Zealanders — deserve the truth, deserve fair shares, and deserve to be treated with decency. We believe in speaking truth to power.”

In 2013 the Canadian dollar was worth almost the same as an American dollar – now it’s worth US 75 cents. That must say something about Canada’s economic performance under Trudeau? It still doesn’t make Canada cheap, however, and it remains cheaper for those who live close to the US border to cross it and fill up their cars with petrol.


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