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Aquatic Centre Trust on Track

Says Mayor Rowan

By Alan Tristram
11th December 2009

Following a briefing by the Kapiti Aquatic Centre Trust, Mayor Jenny Rowan says the Trust is on track with design work and fund raising.

“The Trust has raised around $2 million so far which is a good effort in these difficult times,” she says.

She says the Trust demonstrated to the Kapiti Coast Council various ways the design of the Aquatic Centre on its new site behind the Paraparaumu Library can be adjusted to fit within the available budget.

And the chair of the Trust, Neil MacKay, has stated the building of the centre can also be staged — which means there is considerably more flexibility than originally thought.

“Providing we make allowance over time for extra stages to increase the size and the offerings for the centre, we can start with a smaller stage and build on from there as fund raising and/or sponsorship allows,” Mr MacKay says.

The Mayor adds: “It’s good news the Trust now has around $2 million.

“Adding this to the Council’s commitment to provide the land and $10.5 million, it means we’re close to being able to start work on the first stage.

“At the briefing it was agreed further work would be carried out on the options while the Trust continues fund raising.”

The Mayor says: “By February next year the Council expects to be in a position to make a final decision on the options and the construction programme, based on the Trust’s progress with fund raising.

“It’s expected the detailed design work will take around five to six months, she says.

“We should be in a position to let tenders on the first stage around August with a construction start before the end of the calendar year.

“This is good news for Christmas!”

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