Sue de Berry Wins Poetry Prize

A Waikanae woman writing her first poem has won the second Kāpiti Independent poetry award.

Sue de Berry was presented with the prizes — $50 in book tokens and a ‘Book of the Month’  — by Editor Alan Tristram (left) and Rob Clarke — at CoastlandsPaperPlus.

Sue says her poem, ‘Boy,’ is based on an incident she saw recently at Coastlands.

Here’s the winning poem:


He scuffed his little plastic shoes

his eyes downcast, hair flopping

He didn’t see the furious glare

nor hear the angry shouting

Nor feel the rough tug on his arm

nor say a word, just silent

I saw it all, a passerby

I heard his little sobs

I felt his lonely sadness

and I said not a word.

Why Sue writes

‘I am a retired teacher and have always enjoyed words,’ she says.

‘But this is the first time my thoughts have been translated on to paper.

‘I enjoy doing it and being transported to another place, albeit briefly.

‘I also enjoyed translating my poem into French and looking at it with my French group.’

Congratulations Sue de Berry!

Our thanks to PaperPlus!

Kapiti Independent and the poets want to thank Kaye and Rob Clarke of Coastlands PaperPlus for their constant support, and especially the ‘Book of the Month’ donation for prize winners.


Alan Tristram

You have posted a Link to the Mandy Hagar/Jamie Lee-Ross story. Pleease could you provide mre details about how we can access this story?

Edwina Allen 0226998122


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