Ski Camp Fund Raising

Enterprising Waikanae School Seniors

By Peter Corlett

IMG_1733A big event for the Year 7-8s at Waikanae School will bring benefits later this term when students have their bi-annual ski camp on the slopes of Mount Ruapehu.

They were given an opportunity to show their entrepreneurial spirit and organisational abilities through fundraising activities, with money raised to go towards the cost of going on camp.

Under a cloudy sky and with dozens of stalls sporting:
~ tantalising sweets
~ sherbert
~ toffee apples
~ popcorn
~ toffee apples
~ homemade baking.

There were plenty of tempting treats at the event last Friday.

Stalls + activities + games = cash to fund camp costs

IMG_1769There were also many activities and games of various kinds that children could participate in —  target shooting, hair colouring, golfputting, quoits, raffles, skittles, and face painting.

With several thousand dollars raised, it will make funding the ski camp a bit more financially manageable for many of the students, paying the equivalent of half the cost of one of the two buses which will take children to the ski fields.

The event created excitement for stallholders and Room 6 customers alike, and fortunately concluded shortly before it rained!