Story Of The Week — Why You Need To Ask The Surgeon For ID

Alan Tristram says the next time he’s asked for his name on the way to an operating theatre at Wellington Hospital he’ll ask the surgeon for his name first.

Why,? Because, as the NZ Herald says, police were called this week after n unknown person disguised themself in scrubs and sidled into an operating theatre during a major surgercal operation.

Tristram says he’s had several operations where it’s impossible to tell who’s doing what once you’re sedated and on the way to the theatre.

In this case, it’s understood the patient was unconscious on the operating table.

Full story in the NZ Herald <>

About 1976 my wife fractured her ankle and as it was not classed an emergency was referred by the ambulance station to attend a medical practitioner {her GP was unavailable due to he being called to a confinement). The medical practitioner referred her to Xray some 30km away where a plaster backplate was applied to secure for return to home town and her medic for referral to Wellington hospital. To cut a long story short the medic eventually was identified as a con man, he received a menial prison sentence, and on release was deported to Australia. Soon after he was apprehended through presenting himself as part of a team to perform an operation in a Sydney hospital, caught out and again imprisoned. Upshot of it all my wife is having an ankle replacement forty odd years later.

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