‘Sperm Donor’ Heir?

Norman worries about a future Lesbian Queen

 By Alan Tristram

In the UK, the former chairman of the once-great Tory Party, Norman Tebbit, has plumbed new depths in an attack on gay marriage.

Speaking on the gay marriage debate in the British Parliament, Tebbit said:

‘When we have a Queen who is a lesbian, and she marries another lady, and  decides she would like to have a child — and someone donates sperm and she gives birth to a child — is that child heir to the throne?’

Lord Tebbit said in an interview the new gay marriage laws could cause chaos when combined with changes to the rules of succession, which would allow an older female heir to the throne to become monarch.

Lord Tebbit later admitted also that he had sworn during the interview.

‘It’s not the language I normally use, but during a long interview I may well have said it,’ he told The Times.