Smile for Google

Smile! – You Could be on Google’s

Candid Camera Any Time Soon

By Graeme Trask
December 3th 2009

Is it a car? Is it a telecom tower? Is it a hybrid?

No it’s the Google camera car which has just started its new

Photographic sweep of the Kapiti Coast.

It started in Paraparaumu Beach and over the next few weeks the Google car will travel through every highway and byway throughout the district, filming every house and structure for Google maps.

Contractors and employees of Google Maps began their 6 monthly updating programme of the Kapiti Coast this week.

Filming Every Street in Kapiti

The driver of the car shown, Dimitar Enev, says he will drive along every street and road throughout the Kapiti Coast.

Later, he will continue through the rest of the lower half of the North Island.

He says all data is recorded on a computer system in his vehicle.

The data will eventually be uploaded to Google’s servers, where other Google employees will update the main system.

Bad Weather Stops First Run

Dimitar says he started recording data on the Kapiti Coast area last Monday but bad weather soon forced a halt and he resumed work today.

Kapiti Independent News caught Mr Dimitar with his candid camera as he swept through Olive Terrace in Paraparaumu Beach.

Google Maps is a service that supplies vast amounts of data and photos — some for free and some for a fee..

Google Services

Kapiti Coasters and people throughout the world can access Google Maps and other free Google programs such as G-Mail, using the famous Google Search Engine and the new Google browser, “Chrome”.

For businesses, Google provides paid services to help capture particular audiences on the internet. It can provide high definition, detailed images of virtually any area on the Globe.

Google employs many people throughout the world to run their services and each year Google seems to grow  bigger or come up with another new programme or facility