Searching For That Elusive Book? — Our Editors Can Help

“After a lifetime of reading, we reckon we’re good at finding books,” says Alan Tristram

“We’re also lucky because the Wellington Region has a fantastic collection of new and secondhand bookshops. We’ve been in and out of most of them.

“So if you want help in finding a book, send us what details you’ve got — ie a titrle, author, etc.”

And we’ll try to let you know where you can get the book, new or secondhand, and the price.

‘It’s a hobby’

We won’t chage you for this service: It’s a hobby, and the bookellers will treat us well ! ( in fact, they already do ).

A warning: Sometimes it can be expensive to get an out-of-print book. But if you’re keen, it’s worth it.

One example: I’m interested in history; and have a special interest in the Italian campaign of WWII.

Guthrie Wilson (Evening Post collection, Alexander Turnbull Library)

I wanted to get a copy of ‘Brave Company’, a best-selling book about an infantryman in Italy by Guthrie Wilson, who once taught at Palmerston North Boys High School.

After an intensive search, Book Haven of Newtown in Wellington found me a hard-back copy printed in 1951.

From memory, it cost me just over $30. But its’ worth every cent of the price — to me.

So send your inquity to me, c/- <>, I’ll try to acknowledge your lettetr asap.

Has anyone got a copy of a 1913 book, “Alliterative Anomalies for Infants and Invalids”? If so, I am willing to pay for a black and white photocopy of the illustrations for both J and K, both pages missing from the disbound pages of the book in my aunt’s house I had to clear and clean.


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