Sean Fintan O’Toole Gets Guru’s Reply

One has to say ‘watch this space’ when dealing with our eminent Mayor and Guru, K Gurunathan.

On June 24, in an open letter to two politicians– Mayor Guru and Regional Councillor Penny Gaylor — I asked them to name their concrete achievements over the past three years.

Cr Gaylor sent a reply within a couple of hours and amplified this later to cover two achievements.

But Mayor K Gurunathan was coy in his reply three weeks later.

He said: ‘The questions you ask will be a part of my campaign launch so I’m reluctant to pre-empt that. You would understand that.”

Actually, I am at a loss to understand, you’ll understand.

But like my Irtish godfather, one Samuel Beckett, I am can only write that I’m ‘Waiting for Godot.’

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