School sign stolen

Children at Risk After Theft

of $2000 Road Sign

By Alan Tristram
11th December 2009

Students at Te Ra School in Poplar Avenue, Raumati South, are now at risk when coming and going from school following the theft of one of the School Zone signs.

The culmination of work on Poplar Ave by Kāpiti Coast District Council’s Road Safety Team and NZ Police, the signs showed good results — with a big drop in the number of vehicles speeding.

Each sign costs approximately $2000.

“There were 23 vehicles per 100 cars caught speeding on the road in May and that came down to only nine vehicles caught speeding per 100 cars in September,” Road Safety Coordinator Jane Pearson says.

“That’s a huge reduction, but unfortunately all this positive work has been set back by individuals stealing one of the school zone signs and dismantling the other sign on Poplar Ave.”

Ms Pearson says: “The signs are there to warn motorists there are children about. Why someone would want to destroy or remove the signs and put the children in danger is a complete mystery.”