Sandra Patton



18th December 2009

Waikanae ward KCDC Councillor Sandra Patton says she is profoundly disappointed that a second bridge over the Waikanae River, connecting Waikanae and Paraparaumu and providing an alternative route to the State Highway from Peka Peka south through to Raumati by using the Western Link and local roads.

“This is something people have been waiting for decades to use” she said.

At last Tuesdays meeting Cr Patton asked the NZTA board member and officials if they would seriously consider  (1) bringing forward the Te Moana Road/Elizabeth Street underpass and build it as a matter of urgency and (2) provide a second, local bridge across the Waikanae River.

Cr Patton said naturally, no promises were given but these are issues which I intend the Council to vigorously pursue. They are mitigation measures which we can and absolutely must negotiate with NZTA.

Patton says the decision impacts unfavourably on several plan changes (such as Paraparaumu Airport) which have relied on the Western Link Road being built to handle the vastly increased traffic generated by development.   Additionally, rural and lifestyle areas such as Peka Peka and Te Horo are likely to see development pressures, especially around interchanges.

“Many people still believe the Sandhills Expressway will be available to them as a local road” said Patton.

And she said, “Since NZTA shows no signs of approving more than three interchanges within our District,  one at the Raumati southern entrance, one at the Peka Peka northern exit, and one somewhere in between (most likely Otaihanga) – people are not going to be able to drive on and off the road as they choose.”

Here are the NZTA’s road definitions, which might be useful in understanding what Minister Steven Joyce envisages for his Roads of National Significance:

Expressway: A road mainly for through traffic, usually dual carriage way with full or partial control of access.   Intersections are generally grade separated.   See also motorway and freeway.

Freeway: A divided highway for through traffic with no access for traffic between interchanges and with grade separation at all intersections.   See also expressway and motorway.

Motorway: A defined class of road for which certain activities or uses are restricted or prohibited by legislative provision.   See also expressway and freeway.

Grade Separation: The separation of road, rail or other traffic so that crossing movements which would otherwise conflict are effected at different elevations.

Just imagine the size of these grade separations within the Kapiti Coast Landscape, none of these give me any comfort that Kapiti Coasters will have local access” said Patton.

And she said, “the whole point of this Expressway is that it will move vehicles through the Kapiti Coast at 100 kph.”