Rugby Sevens Snapshots

No, they’re not the Roman Sevens side, they’re the ‘Imperial Wizards’ from Paraparaumu, as they did last-minute shopping in Coastlands before setting off for the..Well… the Stadium in fact. Our photographer assured them that the New Zealand side wouldn’t be thrown to the Lions, or Kangaroos, or Pumas for that matter. Hopefully…”

Many thousands of Sevens supporters arrived from all parts of the country to watch the sevens at Westpac Stadium in Wellington over the Weekend.

Kapiti Independent News caught up with some of them on their way to Wellington.

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This fine young group of locals call themselves, appropriately perhaps, ‘The Bums.’ They assured our photographer some of them actually played rugby for local clubs, including the Waikanae Rugby Club.

They had obviously been preparing for the Sevens Tournament for some time when we caught them crossing the Wharemauku Stream Bridge outside Coastlands in Paraparaumu.

These fans came all the way from Palmerston North to sample Kapiti cuisine…and liquid refreshment.
They’re ‘The Average Joes’ and they’re wearing yellow because – well, because it looks nice — and their Mums back in Palmie will be able to spot them on TV.
Let’s hope they behaved themselves.

“If you’re Irish, Join the Sevens”….could is the theme song for these two Irish physios setting out for the International Rugby Sevens tournament in Wellington.

Didi O’Sullivan and Darragh Curley (Silver Surfer), and their surfboard had been preparing with fellow physiotherapists at Paraparaumu Beach before kicking off for the Rugby Sevens.

They joined hundreds of other Kapiti enthusiasts heading off to the Westpac Stadium for a weekend of fast, furious footie – and fantastic fun.

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