Royal Society Has Gone PC

No longer a bastion of independent science

By John Robinson

Many educational institutes, including universities that were once bastions of questioning, and enlightened thinking, have long moved from the idea of universal scholarship to accept direction from an uncertain mix of ancient, tribal, traditional beliefs.

The former bastion of independent science, the Royal Society of New Zealand, has joined, to become a captive propaganda arm of Government.

It is now despised by a great number of scientists, certainly by every fellow scientist that I have spoken to over the past twenty years.

The Royal Society is developing a new code of ethics that takes another step along the road of replacing secular inquiry with superstition.

Although we have long given up on the Royal Society as a true scientific organisation, its voice continues to be heard and to influence politicians.  It is important then that we continue to speak out.

(Tomorrow we will publish John’s open letter to the President.)

The maori facation of nz, with no similar respect for 5th generation kiwis like me brasses me off.Even new comers have a right to respect,if they are pulling their weight.Things are right out of balance, but will need a few in charge with the guts to over come the P C brigade.

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