Rowan Defends Maori Kaitiaki Rights

Phil Tauekei, guardian of Lake Horowhenua
Former Kapiti Mayor Jenny Rowan champions cause of Maori protester

The former Kapiti Coast Mayor Jenny Rowan is demanding full civil rights for a well-known Maori  kaitiaki (guardian) in Levin.

KIN’s Horowhenua correspondent Veronica Harrod says Ms Rowan, the new chair of the Horowhenua Lake Domain Board, is insisting that the board meets at a venue Philip Taueki has access to.

There is a trespass notice preventing Mr Taueki from entering the council building in Levin where Board meetings are held.

Mr Taueki is the great great grandson of paramount chief Taueki who signed the Treaty of Waitangi, and he is one of the owners of Lake Horowhenua. His direct protests have earned him the wrath of the local council.

Historic firsts

But Mr Taueki’s rights are among a range of historic firsts that have been taking place at Domain Board meetings in Levin since new chair Jenny Rowan took up her role earlier this year.

A former mayor of Kapiti Coast District Council (2007 –2013), Ms Rowan represents the Board on behalf of the Director General of the Department of Conservation.

A key ‘first’ came when she stated an intention, “to have meetings at a venue he [Philip Taueki] can attend” because of the  trespass notice preventing him from entering the council building in Levin.

Water cut off for Mr Taueki

Ms Rowan also said the fact that water to Mr Taueki’s residence at Lake Horowhenua has been turned off raised questions about the “human rights and morality of the decision.” In a verbal submission to the Board former councillor Anne Hunt said Mr Taueki has lived in a residence with no water supply for over 500 days.

And Horowhenua mayor Michael Feyen said he found the decision to turn the water off, “a breach of human rights…concerned about HDC taking the action it has and what it might lead to further down the track.”

Ms Rowan: We need to talk with Philip

Ms Rowan reiterated, “We need to have more conversations with Philip. I am very committed to sorting this out. I find it unacceptable. He is down there. The toby for the water is on Domain Board land. Need to think about this team,” she said to the other board members seated around the table. “We have a responsibility to turn that water on.”

She also scored an historic first last week when she made a verbal submission in the consultation over the Horowhenua District Council’s first 20 year Long Term Plan.

Board’s important responsibilities

She said the Lake Doman Board, “has responsibilities for the Domain land, buildings, and the surface waters of the lake for recreational purposes, so has an interest in what water (mostly storm water) enters the lake.

She said Lake Horowhenua is, “on private land – it should not be seen in this century to be the local sewer for everyone else’s rubbish and pollutants.

“The responsibility surely lies with other private land owners to be managing their own properties in a way that protects the lake from their pollutants such as nitrates, heavy metals and sediment run off.

“We would expect the HDC to invest in educating industry and agricultural operators better on their obligations around runoff and farm management.”


Aroha Anne and Phil, it is just so good to read this good news. It has been a hard road. Thank you Ms Rowan for your humanity and big big thanks to Mayor Michael Feyen for your persistence in righting the wrongs all over your district. Kia Kaha

Well done kuz Gods justice being served not local justice Gods high court justice and its been a long time coming you have shown so much endurance and have shown what truth you had by sticking to what you knew is truth.
Well done kuz its in our blood line Taueki te tangata our Great Great Grandfather Ihaia Taueki and the blood line goes through us Justice will be served kuz on all those who have not just wronged us but on our whakapapa.
We will riseup we will see the mana return back to the rightful whanau.
Ko ahau ia me toku whare ka mahi matou ki a Ihowa Joshua 24v15
Thankyou to our Heavenly Father for giving us a mayor Michael Feyhen who believes in us as tangata whenua we are in for the long hall we have vision kuz for our whenua well done our prayers have never gone out to the universe in vain to all our direct line He Taueki the tangata aroahanui…


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