Recipe for aging gracefully BY BETTY MUNNOCH

Learn detachment.

Do not let younger family members hear raised voices.

Shouting in the young is a sign of energy,

in the old, Alzheimer’s comes to mind.

Remember not to care too much.

Caring uses up amino acids, encourages wrinkling

and leads to embarrassing displays of feeling.

Adoption of a tranquil pose produces

an impression of wisdom.  Look at Confucius.

Be prepared to live up to the stereotypes

people have assigned you. You will find this reassuring.

A plate-throwing aunt unsettles everyone.

Try to satisfy the modern medical ideal.

Die quietly, in good health, of mere old age.

Most important, let love go.

Love of food, wine, music

and above all people.

Remember,  love can affect the heart.

But after all this advice, if you sense a certain

shrivelling of the soul, forget the graceful bit.

Fight with all your strength that caution

which kills before you’re dead. which kills before you’re dead.

by Betty Munnoch

of Burnt River, Canada and Larbert, Scotland

Betty Munnoch was a very close friend of Julie Leibrich –  an “anam cara” – a soul friend.   They met as first-day students at Edinburgh University in 1966 and stayed close friends (across the miles) until she died in 2003.

18.8.1927 – 25.12.2003

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