Raymond Piper Search

Detective in charge of search for missing Paekakariki man thanks public — but needs more help

By Alan Tristram
May 28.2010

Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Oxnam says new sightings of Raymond Piper — missing for two weeks — have been ‘significant.’

He says the sightings of Raymond ‘Son’ Piper (23) were made some time after he left a Paraparaumu Beach address  about 9am on Saturday, May 15.

He also told a media conference that the Police ‘certainly haven’t ruled out foul play’ — but he refuses to speculate whether the mysterious disappearance could have been connected with drugs.

Mr Piper left the house where his partner Hanna lives with their three-year-old son without taking his cash card or other articles he may have needed if he intended to stay away.

Senior Sergeant Oxnam has also urged people to report any sightings of articles of clothing worn by Mr Piper. And he says informants who can provide further information about what may have happened to Mr Piper will have their identities protected

Mannequin mock up showing clothes Raymond Piper was wearing two weeks ago

‘Wanted to live’

Det. Sen/Sgt Oxnam has also virtually ruled out the possibility that Raymond could have taken his own life.

He says police profiling shows that Mr Piper ‘wanted to live.’ And he says he doesn’t know of any enemies that Mr Piper might have had.

Some 30 police are directly involved in the search and they have virtually taken over the Paraparaumu Police Station. Police search and rescue personnel are brought in when required.

This Saturday police will be in the Eatwell Avenue area of Paraparaumu Beach about the time of Mr Piper’s disappearance, trying to jog locals’ memories of events two weeks ago.

As shown in the ‘mannequin’ picture above, Mr Piper was wearing blue jeans, a dark short-sleeved T-shirt, and a black cap with the word ‘Quicksilver’ written on it.

He was also wearing white or cream Globe skate shoes.

Anyone with any information, is asked to ring Freephone 0800 FIND RAY (0800 346 3729) or text 027 241 1394.

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