Raumati South Esplanade

Beach Pedestrian/Cycleway

By Helen Tristram
3rd March 2010

The new beach pedestrian/cycleway is looking good and a great many more people are using the beach.

Damian Manu and his son Keone, grandson and great grandson of David Tossman of Kainui Road, said they previously preferred Paekakariki beach, but will spend much more time now at Raumati South. The safe steps down to the beach, the large rocks and the walkway make it much more attractive and inviting.

Sandra Driesen

Belgian visitor and cyclist Sandra Driesen said she is very pleased to have a job here for a year and loves this new cycleway from Queen Elizabeth Park. – ‘It`s beautiful’ she said.

After discussions between residents and council a few years ago a very nice pedestrian/cycleway has been created along the seafront of The Esplanade.

The Esplanade had to be protected from erosion because parts of the road were crumbling into the sea.

The council project was divided into four stages and stages 1 & 2 are now substantially complete.

Stage 1. The Rock Revetment wall, which was consulted on and supported by the community through workshops, has been completed. It has been designed to cope with a 1 in 100 storm event, above statutory minimum standards.

Stage 2. The beach pedestrian/cycleway is substantially complete, having had a topping up of metal on the surface and precast concrete steps to the beach fitted with handrails.

Stage 3. The exposed aggregate concrete pedestrian walkway/cycleway and associated concrete retaining wall. New Zealand Transport agency have recently advised council that subsidy funding (53%) for stage 3, estimated cost $767,000, is now unlikely, due to government policy to focus on cycleway/walkway routes associated with relieving congestion/commuter routes and less on recreational cycle paths.

Given that the subsidy amounted to approximately$400,000, this stage is now on hold, pending the securing of alternative funding .

Stage 4. The road upgrade of the Esplanade is currently being designed, with construction due to commence later this year. The upgrade will include a new kerb on the west side, shape correction and resurfacing. It will also have parking bays with grass/gobbie blocks, some landscaping including bollards and bench seats. Estimated cost $550,000, spread across two financial years and funded through councils Road Upgrading budget.

Consideration was given to putting overhead power/Telecom/Telstra Clear cables underground. Estimated cost was $250,000 for main lines alone and a further $3000 per property owner for house connections. The result of a resident`s survey was, due to costs, that the majority of  residents supported leaving the lines overhead.