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By Graeme Trask
November 9, 2009

Rooster 2The good news Raumati story of the capture of a wild rooster finally turned to tragedy at the weekend.

Earlier, the feral cock had been disturbing residents in the Kiwi Road area of Raumati with his early morning crowing for some three months despite intensive efforts to catch him.

Kapiti Coast District Council officers tried repeatedly to apprehend him, but the Cock always seemed one flight ahead of them, perhaps because he got active as early as 5am.

Then last week animal control officers from the KCDC finally caught up with him and he was taken to the SPCA at Waikanae.

But when I checked with the SPCA on the rooster’s condition at the weekend, I was told that, sadly, he’d passed away during his first night in custody.

The SPCA says the rooster became ‘stressed and dehydrated’ on Friday evening – and finally died in the early hours of Saturday morning.

What’s particularly sad is the fact the rooster was facing a brighter future following his capture.

The KCDC Regulatory Manager, Ken Smith, said last week: “We’ve had some offers from people who would be happy to re-home him, so he can look forward to the future with confidence.”

Alas, it hasn’t turned out that way.

But at least he died of natural causes — unlike another rooster in Raumati South, whose demise became a cause celebre (and the plot for the film ‘Noise Control’) after a KCDC animal control officer shot him dead near  horrified kindergarten pupils following complaints from locals..

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