Raumati Beach schoolchildren still at risk

The new 30km speed limit signs have gone up around Raumati Beach Village but modifications are needed, according to Community Board Member Bernie Randall.

An invitation to speed past the school!

The 30km sign in Alexandra Rd leading to the shops will clearly be hidden by the summer foliage and the 30km speed limit sign in Raumati Rd ends just yards from the primary school crossing. Both are clearly most unsatisfactory. A large signage board with the words, slow zone and speed cushions should also be installed.

Council staff have informed Bernie that they will be investigating and planning this year for a raised table area at the intersection of Margaret Rd and Raumati Rd similar to the treatment at Ngaio Rd and Parata St intersection in Waikanae.

Council view

Glen O’Connor, Access and Transport Manager, says:

The Council takes road safety seriously and proactively works with residents, schools and the Police to address road safety concerns.

Kapit Coast Council’s actions on road safety

New 30km speed limits were posted for the Raumati Beach and Raumati South village centres in July 2019 following community consultation.

We’ve also installed an electronic school sign on Hillcrest Road to encourage people to slow down around the Raumati Beach school zone and have placed “Please Slow Down” signs on Matatua Road and Rosetta Roads.

Projects in other areas

We’ve recently completed pedestrian safety improvements at the intersection of Beachwater Grove and Gray Avenue to make it safer for children to cross the road and get to Paraparaumu Beach School.

And we’ve widened the footpath, and extended the drop-off and pick-up zone, outside Kenakena School on Arnold Grove in Paraparaumu to improve safety.

Work is also currently underway to improve safety at the intersection of Te Moana Road, Ono Street and Waimea Road in Waikanae Beach.

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