Ratepayers’ Group Says Council Is Failing To Meet Standards For Coastal Dangers

Coastal Ratepayers’ United (CRU) new chair, Salima Padamsey, has highlighted the fact the Kāpiti Council’s District Plan fails to meet the legal requirement to include coastal hazard provisions.

She says this should be done in accordance with the NZ Coastal Policy Statement (NZCPS) 2010. 

“The coastal hazard provisions, which were withdrawn on 24 July 2014, have not yet been replaced,” she says.

“To ensure our community gets…coastal hazard provisions, which are now overdue, we will continue to press for good science and good law allowing for informed decision making.” 

Good work will continue

In her first statement since taking office, Ms Padamsey says CRU will continue the good work of outgoing Chair, Dr Paul Dunmore, and its founding chair, Christopher Ruthe.

She says CRU wants to ensure the Kāpiti Coast District Council (KCDC) develops coastal hazard provisions for the District Plan based on good science and good law, which should lead to good policy.

Dr Dunmore on good decisiion making

The outgoing chair, Dr Dunmore says: “I have enjoyed working for CRU to help improve KCDC’s decisions.

“One council planning manager told me that it was a nice change to have a member of the public take an intelligent interest in planning since usually, planners get no feedback on their efforts.

“But more often I have found a refusal to listen to suggestions, even to consider and rebut them. This culture makes it hard for outsiders to contribute their expertise.

“There has to be a better way than Court action or expensive external panels to get councils to do better.”

Chris Ruthe praises Ms Padamsey’s past work

The founding CRU Chair, Christopher Ruthe, who worked with Dr Dunmore in trying to get KCDC to listen to those affected by coastal problems, says he’s delighted Salima Padamsey has become Chair.

Christopher Ruthe, founding leader of CRU

“With her great knowledge of CRU having been its founding secretary, and with her dynamism, Salima will continue the fight of this essential community group as it seeks KCDC to use good law and good science, “he says.

How CRU was formed

Coastal Ratepayers United (CRU) Inc was formed in 2012 in response to the coastal hazard provisions of the District Council’s Proposed District Plan (PDP).  

At that time, KCDC had imposed hazard lines on the Land Information Memorandum (LIM) of 1800 coastal properties.

As a result, CRU successfully challenged the science and law upon which the hazard lines were imposed through legal action and was successful in getting KCDC to appoint a scientific panel.  

The findings of the science panel clearly stated that the science used to formulate the hazard lines was flawed and not fit for purpose.

In 2014, KCDC withdrew all coastal hazard provisions from the LIMs and the PDP.

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