Ralph Mcallister With 3 ‘Must Reads’


AT THE WOLF’S TABLE  by Rosella Posterino is the chilling tale of ten German women who taste Hitler’s food every day, knowing that each mouthful might be their last.

Rosa is deeply in love with her husband who was drafted shortly after their marriage and is now missing in war-torn Germany.

Now Rosa is drafted to Hitler’s secret lair on the Eastern Front and lives with 
the others, testing vegetarian delicacies.

SIS Zeigler becomes infatuated with her and the relationship that follows is as tempestuous as it is death-defying.

A first novel based on the life of Margot Wolk, the only woman to survive, she kept secret her story until she was in her nineties.
Compulsive reading from a debut writer.

PEGGY TO HER PLAYWRIGHTS – Letters of Margaret Ramsay is a must read for all those aspiring writers and for all those who may think they are already there.

Over the course of a long and distinguished career, she never lost sight of her goal to help, with humility, her clients.

And she wrote hundreds of letters.

The list is endless including letters to Ayckbourn, Bond, Hare, Mortimer, Bolt and the irrepressible Joe Orton, one of her protégés whose untimely death at the hands of his lover, left a considerable mark on her.

Truly wonderful insights, expressed with passion wit and generosity, this publication introduced by Simon Callow, should be required reading for all writers.

Finally, I have been shouting/singing the praises of I COULD HAVE SUNG ALL NIGHT by Marnie Nixon, to anyone who will listen.

You don’t know Marnie?
Oh yes you do!

She was the ghost voice for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Deborah Kerr, Julie Andrews, Natalie Wood in films such as The King and I, The Sound of Music and West Side Story.

Studios at the time hid her identity for fear of negative reaction from audiences.

But Marnie was not only a ghost, she worked and performed classical and popular works for Stravinsky and Bernstein.
She was the frontwoman for Victor Borge shows on stage and film.
She appeared many times with Liberace.
She starred in operas and revivals of Sondheim musicals.

And reading this life story I simply fell I love with her and would so liked to have met her.

This autobiography was published in 2006.

Find it, read it and you will share my enthusiasm.

Thanks, Mark for the introduction to one of the greats.

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