Rail Plans Could Electrify Otaki And The Coast

The Greens’ commitment to Ōtaki rail electrification and hybrid trains has been welcomed by KCDC Councillor and rail campaigner Gwynn Compton.

Promise for quick work on electrification

Green Party co-leader James Shaw said today the Greens will make electrification of the rail network between Waikanae and Ōtaki a priority, with work to begin in the next term.

“While the Green Party has always been leading the way on commuter rail, this specific commitment to electrification between Waikanae and Ōtaki, as well as new hybrid trains for the Capital Connection service, is welcome news,” says Cr Compton, who set up the Kāpiti-Horowhenua Commuter Rail Campaign in March 2020.

Gwynn Compton at Otaki Station, which he hopes will soon
see electric trains on the tracks behind him

He also ran a petition of over 1,600 signatures in support of electrifying the network to Ōtaki.

Gwynn Compton says: “The Green Party’s longer term vision, including electrification and double tracking all the way to Palmerston North and track upgrades to allow higher speed services using tilt trains, would also transform commuter transport in the lower North Island’s western corridor, removing cars from the road and fossil fuel emissions from the atmosphere.”

He says the Green’s announcement now means that both they and the National Party have committed to electrification and double tracking between Waikanae and Ōtaki, as well as funding new hybrid trains for the Capital Connection, putting pressure on the Labour Party and New Zealand First to get onboard.

“I’m laying down the challenge for Labour and New Zealand First to join their colleagues in the Greens and National and commit to delivering fast, frequent, and climate-friendly commuter rail services,” he says.

More information about the Kāpiti-Horowhenua Commuter Rail Campaign can be found at www.kapitihorowhenuarail.co.nz

Both major parties (Labour 1999-2008 and National 2008-2017) neglected public infrastructure. Labour spent up big on growing the Public Service, National decided to get public debt down from over 50% of GDP to 19%. It’s good that National recognises that after 20 years of infrastructure neglect, amelioration is required.

What has happened to National? Supporting public transport! Beginning to sound like the Labour Party.
National is making huge expenditure promises (although beware the timelines), on infrastructure, schools ,hospitals, etc and yet NO TAX increases–SHOW US THE MONEY–unbelievable!
What were they doing for the last 9 years in Government, clearly not spending on the schools, health or infrastructure other than RONS!,
The more I hear Judith Collins the less I believe a word she says, nor do I think she has changed.


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