Racism in the universities?

(We recently published Bob Brockie’s article about Maori groups putting pressure on the Royal Society and Otago University to have the Treaty and Maori viewpoints central in all scientific investigation.(Scroll down to April 10.) Bud Jones points out below that Victoria University of Wellington has caught some of the contagion.) 

Serious questions on spiritualism, religiosity and racism

By Bud Jones

Bud being congratulated by Governor General Jerry Mateparae on being awarded the QSM

First a little about my background and credentials.

After immigrating from America, I had service with the NZ Symphony Orchestra for 40 years and as Artist Teacher at Victoria University for 26 years 1990—2016.

I was awarded a QSM in 2013 for services to education at the high school and university level, including director for NZ National Youth groups, and also for environmental achievements.

Does Maori culture have a place in all courses?

mātauranga Māori = Māori knowledge – the body of knowledge originating from Māori ancestors, including the Māori world view and perspectives, Māori creativity and cultural practices.

I was recently asked to advise and assist on a rather difficult situation regarding the introduction of race based values to academic discipline. You can see my response to my valued colleague and former head of department at Victoria University.

He said What does matauranga maori have to do with teaching music and percussion studies? Google it Bud and tell me if you think this is relevant?


He went on to say:

On 14 March I will need to present our school’s 2018 learning, teaching, and equity priorities to Te Maruako Aronui (the FHSS LT&E Committee), and I would like your input on this. We are encouraged to define these priorities in line with the 2017-2021 VUW Learning and Teaching Strategy .

In particular they were required to indicate how there would be increased incorporation of mātauranga Māori in courses.

My reply: resist the call for racism in courses

Academic freedom and integrity is being threatened t Victoria University

I’ve enquired with other former teachers and the consensus is: anything implying spiritualism religiosity or racism has no place in the university and probably the university Charter says it explicitly.

You cannot comply with this call for racism being incorporated into the school on personal, moral, ethical and academic grounds.  

Besides, it is outside your job description to be advocating any spiritual, religious or racial bias in your academic teaching subject.

You are not, nor can you be, a parrot for someone else’s agenda, it is morally reprehensible that this secular academic institution should call on you to do so as well.

You should respectfully decline on academic grounds of integrity!!

Maorification in the universities

Some academics are working full time on the maorification of everything. That crashing charlatan of Waikato University, Russell Bishop, Professor of Maori Studies, takes a huge taxpayer salary to dream up this sort of bad joke, and DREAMING UP such nonsense phrases as what is good for non maori is not always good for maori, but what is good for maori is always good for non-maori!!”

At Victoria, it is one step too far as the very words in matauranga maori, as defined above, contain elements of spirituality. As a secular institution, I’m certain the university charter rejects all reference and elements of spirituality or religion. (The exception would be religious studies.)

In a way it is like asking lecturers to incorporate the Catholic trans-substantiation into the teaching of the Beethoven piano sonatas, a notion that would be tossed out of the institution as way beyond any nonsense John Cleese could dream up, or Rowan Atkinson, Spike Milligan or the 2 Ronnies.

Does the Victoria University Charter allow for requiring teachers to incorporate racism, spirituality, religiosity i.e. matauranga maori in courses?

John Robinson’s perspective

Scientist and historian John Robinson

I asked my friend John Robinson who is a retired scientist and active historian to give me his views. 

I am a scientist by training and a statistician and historian by profession.  I have written a number of books on the remarkable way that two very different people came to form one nation.

It is important, and sad, to find that any idea of unity, of equality (that I thought was the first very guiding principle of a modern society) is no longer believed in by our government (now local as well as central) and a whole ruling class, including academics.  It is explicitly denied by Geoffrey Palmer.

I did think, too, that religion should be set aside in public affairs but the new racism gives Maori the right to involve us in their prayers.

The requirement to consider matauranga is very widespread.  It is found in science, and agreed to by the Royal Society of New Zealand – which scientists I know look upon with scorn.  The meaning of the requirement is not made clear, but it does give power (and funds) to a whole group of Maori (identified by race). 

This is definitely an issue which Race Relations Conciliator, Susan Devoy, should address.

Indeed, it takes courage to say anything about the need for equality in today’s climate.  Like so many, I have been called racist for opposing special inherited rights.  Since I am well and truly retired (except writing books) I can come to no harm by continuing, and one recent article I wrote for the Kapiti Independent News was “This racist New Zealand.” 

(Editor footnote: This is a very important issue which impinges on academic integrity, censorship, freedom of expression and social engineering. Bud sent his concerns to TVI; Victoria University Vice Chancellor, Grant Guilford: Minister of Education, Chris Hipkins; Race Relations Conciliator, Susan Devoy; Radio New Zealand’s Jim Mora for his Panel and to Kim Hill for Saturday Mornings discussion.

None of the above have replied.)


After more than 50 years of Treaty settlement payments of over $3 billion dollars for real and imaginary injustices committed by our ancestors 300 years ago I was just wondering when would this venality end.

Simple Question:
Why should this generation of New Zealanders pay huge Treaty Claims compensation to highly diluted DNA of present “Maori” which are dominantly Pakeha when this was the ancient responsibility of Queen Victoria down the present Queen Elizabeth II punishing all New Zealand today?

As an older New Zealander I think the thing that has appalled me mostabout the whole Treaty of Waitangi process that continues to this day is the use of the word ‘racism’ to put down any discussion of the shortcomings that plague the whole process. It is used as a gag.
Iwi like Ngai Tahu of the South Island have have countless settlements – in fact Ngai Tahu have had five settlements now-six if you count their latest top-up and yet few people know this. I even recall a talk given at my local secondary school in the late 1990’s when a man from the Deptartment of Education -an ‘expert’ told us the whole settlement process was long overdue. When I challenged that and mentioned that Ngati Tahu (and others) had had a ‘full and final’ settlement in the 1940’s he denied this.When I asked that if it was true would it alter his opinion he agreed that it would.
Our media are largely the problem and as an example the excellent research done by journalist
Alan Everton in nthe 1990’s can be accessed on line but should be widely published as it’s a real eye-opener on the continued claims made by this tribe even after they had expressed their satisfaction with a new settlement.

In fact I will go further to say that I consider the Treaty of Waitangi to be the most devisive document between two cultures in history. Due to the way it has been abused over the past 20 years by the proposed descendants of the indigenous signatories. Wake up New Zealand.

Take a look at the minister that conjured up this travesty, apparently couldn’t run a finance company, should have been thrown in jail. Yet this man along with Geoffrey Palmer, has landed this country with a problem that has the potential to tear this country apart.

Add – the recent NZ census forms where people were asked to identify themselves not by race – but by skin colour.
Maori asked to tick Maori, then All white people to tick European despite their country of origin or ethnicity and all Asians similarly blocked into a new Asian group despite their country of origin or ethnicity.

Further to my item penned above I’d like to add that I attempted to interest TV1 on this subject after their “Breakfast” program offered a headline banner asking us “if we have a “burning question” that needs answering or researched”, and another headline asking ,”how do you think we are doing in race relations?”Also Jim Mora, Kim Hill, Wallace Chapman and Kathryn Ryan. I offered the following discussion agenda for their respective TV/radio shows. None have replied.Will anyone face up to our serious problems?
a. this university enforced racism
b.embedded seats in parliament and local government reserved for those with a partial self-proclaimed racial group on the basis of accident of birth.
b. at last count, 175 statutes written into our laws giving preference/privilege to a racial group calling themselves maoris.
c. 2 classes of citizenship as per census: maori and non –maori. Extended =”chosen//privileged/ superior” and “Others, 2nd class.”
d. Groups organized entirely on the basis of race i. e. Maori party./Mana Party
e.numerous racist government departments and initiatives [e.g. Department of maori Affairs]/Whanau Ora, Oranga Tamariki etc.
f. racist media networks e.g. Maori Telivision 21 maori radio stations etc.
g.An entire section[ Waitangi Tribunal] of the Deptment of “Justice”, explicitly excluding access for non—maori dedicated to transferring public funds and assets to a chosen self proclaimed partial blooded so-called maori racial group.
h.failure to recognize that the concept and notion of race is an entirely human construct that has no basis in science or reality, there is simply no such thing.
i. race exists only in the minds of the ignorant, and is no use for organizing society, any attempts by governments to impose racism on society is simply social engineering, commonly called Tyranny!!![and probably criminal as well ].

What is happening to this country is not only outrageous – it is also very sad.
All the goodwill that was bequeathed to this present generation – or at least to the one before it, by New Zealanders of all ethnic origins – has now been whittled away, and anger is replacing the knowledge that we, as a people, are basically being taken to the cleaners by greedy activist iwi.

Demanding more and more multi-million-dollar top-ups to their “full and final settlements”, they are breaking the back of the country – as one correspondent, commented to me.

Middlemore Hospital is mouldy and crumbling. Princess Margaret Hospital in Christchurch urgently needs replacing.We are all well aware now of how desperately in need our hospitals and mental health areas are to provide even basic services.

National culpably screwed down so much of importance in order to claim a balanced budget. It was basically a con =- and Labour is of course no better – taxes are inexorably going to rise. But the greed of Ngai Tahu and Tainui, in league with a government now disgracefully pushing separatism, ensures that every five years these tribes can demand a top up of even more scores (in fact hundreds) of millions of dollars…It is untenable for this to continue – but it will, without a tipping point of public protest- see http://www.100days.co.nz

For example: this Labour government disgracefully hid from the public the knowledge that in December/January 2018, Tainui and Ngai Tahu received nearly $370 million dollars extra in treaty payment “top-ups” -which they are entitled to keep demanding -in agreements which should never have been signed by the government. Did you know this?

Tainui received $190 million, Ngai Tahu $i80 million – even more than they received in their original “full and final settlements”!

But was it enough? Ah, what a naive question. Of course not. The amounts were disputed. So on April 10th, a mere four months later, Scoop Business reported that Tainui and Ngai Tahu get more – $35.3 million – 15.6 million to Tainui and $18.7 million to Ngai Tahu.

These never-ending top-ups should never have been agreed upon in the first place. Basically, a vote-buying National government was derelict in not examining more closely Ngai Tahu’s arguably largely fabricated claim which had previously been turned by the Maori Affairs Select Committee. However, lawyers love fighting against other lawyers, as Chris Finlayson, the Ngai Tahu lawyer subsequently admitted – crowing over his victory against the Crown lawyers -who were supposed to represent us all – the people of New Zealand – but reportedly later admitted they didn’t have one historian competent enough to properly examine the Ngai Tahu claim – which was even rejected by fine Ngai Tahu elders such as Mrs Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan.

Even more disgracefully, the whole process was arguably hijacked. When the original Ngai Tahu Bill was signed at Kaikoura by Jim Bolger and Doug Graham, it should then have gone before the select committee to test its provisions before its adoption by Parliament. However, Minister Doug Graham, then presiding over treaty settlements, virtually instructed the select committee to simply rubberstamp it, on the grounds that the Bill had already been signed.

So the Ngai Tahu settlement never received the proper scrutiny it should have – and was subsequently passed by an under-informed Parliament with all the special extra provisions that their triumphant lawyer had included – for which the country has richly paid ever since.

Nobody has ever adequately explained why Ngai Tahu was given sole rights to the lucrative whale watching industry (they were never able to actually hunt whales) nor to greenstone, which this tribe did not discover and which was reportedly taken to be traded up north by the tribe which did discover it years before Ngai Tahu rampaged down the South island.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the past, not only is this country now being hugely bled financially because of the poor, inept decision-making of our politicians and lawyers – but the process has been deliberately engineered to be never ending.

Moreover, iwi interfering in university courses and demanding separatist, preferential provisions to be prioritised throughout our public and private institutions is completely unacceptable.

That the universities are kowtowing to these demands, in order to chase the tribes’ funding, is shameful – and unacceptable.

But New Zealanders are going to have to let our politicians know that *they* got this country in the mess it’s in – and putting it in the too-hard basket – as Andrew Little is now doing – is simply unacceptable.

It’s time to tell all our political parties, that we have had enough – that we want New Zealand to once again recognise equal rights for all in this country – regardless of ethnic origin.

Moreover, apparently Susan Devoy is either completely out of her depth or unacceptably biased, and should resign.

Congratulations to this newspaper, for highlighting this vitally important issue.

My wife & I arrived from the UK in November 1962, when only two races existed – Kiwi’s and BLOODY POMS! No one ever looked on Maori as anything other that Kiwi’s!
I has arrived as as engineer and started work immediately and my wife who was a telephonist in the UK soon got a jib as a Toll Operator in Wellington.
Two of the first people she met as a Toll Operator were Hannah & Sid Jackson – both were working part-time while studying at Victoria University and she thought they were wonderful people – and they were two of the first people that woke up to the opportunities for Maori. But I’m pretty sure that they would not be impressed with the racism that is now rifle in what was once the world’s most magnificent place to live.
Both Bud & I wrote to Susan Devoy at length about our experiences with Racism – with both our experiences being in Parliament! Neither of us received a response – which was disgusting!
Neil Hayes QSM

I hate to admit this but I now view Kiwis as ‘them’ and ‘us’. Never would I have thought this would happen.

One has to admire the shrewd manoeuvrings of the Maori Renaissance Movement.

While crying “racism” on one hand, they are busy cementing in place undeniably separatist privileges on the other.

Examples include public funding f or Maori-only initiatives, such as education/ scholarships, housing projects, health and welfare facilities, prisoner programmes, positions on government agencies, Resource Management Act consultation rights, co-management of parks/rivers/ lakes and the coastline, te reo promotion, radio and TV channels, appointments on to local government committees/statutory boards, seats in Parliament, tribal charitable status despite all beneficiaries being related, and a special Maori Authority tax rate of 17.5 per cent.

But wait, there’s more to come. We’re funding lawyers for approximately 580 overlapping, tribal claims to our coastline and a local government push to entrench Maori seats on all councils.

It’s laughable when the compliant media promote grandstanding comments from people like Taika Waititi, Susan Devoy and Lizzie Marvelly, who scream racism while embracing “separatism with privileges” as listed above.

New Zealand is fundamentally a healthy, multicultural society which is being totally undermined by the greed of politically powerful separatists. It will only be at peace when all mention of race is taken out of legislation.

Further to the Parker comment in Kapiti Press. It begs the question.. Why did you vote? and … is this what you wanted the person you voted for to achieve for the future of New Zealand? Are your hard earned tax dollars contributing to a separatist New Zealand, based on racial privileges … or to a democracy where ALL it’s citizens are treated equally?

Don’t just think about it… do something about stopping this relentless surge towards separatism ….
We are ALL one people under the law.. (yeah right!) . Tell this to the politician you voted for…ASAP!

The racism is topsy turvy even diminishing democracy where iwi are granted seats as of right on councils. Ironically often those calling for such privilege are about 10% – a little more or even a little less. Individuals should proudly embrace their ancestral background in total, e.g. European and Maori, and adopt a culture that recognises all are equal, regardless of ethnic background.
I have several friends with Maori “blood” although with some it’s barely recognisable. Without exception among the several they say the Treaty was about creating “one people” not one divided on racial grounds.
However television and radio has been infiltrated by those who seek racial division. I have had a “Maori activist” tell me my recreational fishing is a privilege not a right and imply he has a right to it!! – A. O


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