Further, I am reminded to add one of the most crucial elements: there were no little children present. They were year 12 which makes them 17-19, who looked older. This ‘little children’ assumption has become widely held due to media misrepresentations, and is frequently being used to incite violence. While your cartoon is very nicely done, it gives a false impression.

There were no angry protests, no allusions to monkey language, but a finely performed haka, which was executed in a cramped space. This and nothing else caused problems and individuals were getting injured with chairs being pushed back. Unlike most commenting, my wife and I was present.

Because of media incorrect reporting a mob mentality has been generated, with many calls for violence. Nice. Somehow this has been made into a racial matter, where none existed. Nobody gave any thought to such matters, other than that Mr Webber’s iwi are opposed, but Chris Webber, not being part of the ‘mandated iwi’ was left in the hallway along with many other speakers to await his speaking time.

Those present, despite what Guru claims, could have been readily identified, and their views sought. This was not done. No enquiry was had before the mayor went off to the college to apologize for events that did not happen.

There were no children present. It is a shame the young adults referred to did not stay longer to to see the rest of the process.


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