Protesters in Paraparaumu Condemn Alleged Chinese ‘Organ Harvesting’

An empty car park became a protest zone against alleged Chinese ‘organ harvesting’ this afternoon.

Some twenty five Falun Dafa/ Falun Gong members covered their vehicles with anti-Chinese Communist Party slogans, as part of their campaign against what they say is organ harvesting in China.

Falun gong leaders say Chinese leadership started prosecuting its members for their beliefs more than 20 years ago. Falun Gong describes itself as coming out of a spiritual tradition deriving from Buddhism with no political agenda. The Chinese have called it an evil cult.

 Falun Gong claims Chinese government agencies forcibly subject dissenters with compulsory organ harvesting. 

They say Italy, Spain, Israel and Taiwan have banned ‘transplant tourism”, and want other countries and organisations to follow suit.


The Paraparaumu protest, in the Hinemoa Street car park, lasted for about an hour and was part of a drive from Wanganui, to Palmerston North, Kapiti, Hutt and Wellington during the long weekend.

Falun Gong describes organ harvesting as medical genocide.

China has repeatedly denied the claims.

The Paraparaumu stop lasted barely an hour with the festooned vehicle moving on to Porirua.

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