Protest Abvout US Spybase in NZ

The Waihopai base — with a dome punctured by demonstrators in an earlier demonstration against the spy base.

The NZ Anti-Bases Campaign (ABC) says NZ’s  ‘most significant contribution to the US effort to manipulate world business and diplomacy is  — and has been for 30-plus years — the Waihopai electronic intelligence base in the Waihopai Valley, near Blenheim.’

And it’s inviting concerned citizens to protest at the base from January 25 to January 27.

‘Controlled by the US’

The Campaign says: “It’s controlled by the US, with NZ (including Parliament and the PM) having little or no idea what goes on there, nor any control.

“First announced in 1987, Waihopai is operated by the GCSB in the interests of the foreign Powers grouped together in the super-secret Five Eyes Agreement , which shares global electronic and signals intelligence among the intelligence agencies of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and NZ.”

The Five Eyes intelligence network comprises the US, UK, Canada, Australia and NZ

Joining the Protest

The Campaign is inviting Kiwis to join a weekend of anti-war protests at the spy base from January 25 to 27.

It says: “Come prepared for roughing it and camping out.  We provide the food (we cater for vegetarians but vegans will have to bring their own). Bring sleeping bag, groundsheet, a tent, torch, water bottle, eating utensils, clothing for all weather and temperatures, and money for registration.”(

More details: <>

Waihopai pries into NZ communications

The Anti-Bases Campaign points out that Waihaopai’s satellite dishes intercept a huge volume of civilian telephone calls, e-mail and the likes of Twitter and Facebook, etc.”

And it says the ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence pact is the reason for the existence of both the GCSB and Waihopai; and  getting out of Five Eyes is vital to NZ becoming a truly independent nation.

‘Why is NZ part of the Trump empire?

The Anti-Bases Campaign adds: “In light of the disastrous Trump Presidency – why is New Zealand still an active and willing part of the US Empire? The US intelligence and nuclear war machine controls the NZ Government Communications Security Bureau. 

“The GCSB is now legally allowed to systematically spy on New Zealanders; as well as routinely spying on any number of other countries, on behalf of the US National Security Agency (NSA). And the NSA spies on everyone. More pressure must be put on the Government to end the anti-democratic and destructive activities of this NZ spy agency.”

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