Prostitutes Views Explained

1a catherine healy Cr Gurunathan should not be worried says Collective

By Alan Tristram

New Zealand Prostitutes Collective has down-played suggestions from Kapiti Councillor K Gurunathan that there could be problems from brothels in the Coast’s urban areas under the proposed district plan.

Catherine Healy, national coordinator for the collective, says:

There are a number of people who value sex workers and the services they provide who live in the Kapiti area. (But) there have only ever been very small numbers of sex workers who live and work there.

“It is very unlikely that there will be brothels operating on a scale to create any problems.”

 Cr Gurunathan’s worries

Earlier in the week, Cr K Gurunathan said Kapiti residents would be concerned to know that brothels masquerading as ‘home occupation’ would be a permitted activity in residential zones under the KCDC’s Proposed District Plan.

He said: “If this goes unchallenged, these brothels would even be allowed to advertise their services using neon-lighted signs.

“My understanding is that, as a permitted activity, these brothels could be set up in residential zones near schools or churches.

“I am grateful to former Chief Environment Court Judge, Joan Allin, for alerting me to this serious anomaly in the PDP.”