Police Report on Attack

anita at deskPit bull cross bites chunks from terrified horses, throws girl riders, in Park attack

By Alan Tristram

Kapiti Police chief Anita Dixon says in her report on the attack that Karena Fellowes and her two daughters Catelin and Georgia were riding their horses in Queen Elizabeth  Park, heading down to the beach.

They passed the dog owner, who was playing there with his pit bull-type terrier.

He held on to the dog while the horses went passed and once they were about 100 meters away he let the dog go.

But the dog  immediately ran at the horses and attacked them. One of the horses had a chunk bitten out of its chest and the other had a gouge in its belly.

Both horses reared up and both Kerena and Catelin were thrown off.

The dog then chased the two rider-less horses back up the road towards the State Highway, with the dog-owner following in his car.

The women managed to get the Park ranger to give them a ride in his car and between them they secured the dog and the horses, but not until after several attacks were made by the dog on the horses.

Luckily no-one was seriously injured.

KCDC Animal Control were contacted and they also attended the incident.

The dog owner immediately handed over the dog and asked for it to be destroyed.

He said he was surprised at its behaviour as it had never acted like that in the two months that he had owned it.

Police say the girls’ mother said the owner had been ‘more than helpful and had stated he would pay for all vet and medical bills.’