Police –‘Quiet Time’

Police ‘Quiet’ – Apart from the Usual

Drink, Driving and Thefts

November 30th 2009

Kapiti Police report a fairly quiet weekend, except for the usual mixture of minor crime – mostly related to drunken young males.

The most serious property offence occurred at an Esplanade address in Raumati South.

An old wooden garage was entered and a yellow kayak and power tools stolen.

Behind the garage a wooden sleep-out was entered and a laptop, Canon camera bag and clothing were taken.

Accident on Maungakotukutuku Road

The most potentially serious road incident occurred on the Maungakotukutuku Road early on Sunday evening.

A car going up the hill was overtaken by a motorbike which collided with a car coming down the hill. The motorcyclist did not sustain serious injuries.

But the driver of the first car apparently had his attention diverted by the accident because he then also collided with the car coming down the hill.

The Police say the driver of the uphill car and the motorcyclist appeared to know each other.

One driver has been charged with careless driving, and with driving while disqualified and supplying false details.

The other drivers is yet to be spoken to by police.

Over the weekend police also attended several domestic-related injuries but only one resulted in an arrest.