Poisoner Attacks Trees

Maclean Park pond at Paraparaumu Beach

KCDC to remove dead pohutukawa trees at Paraparaumu Beach 

The Kāpiti Coast District Council says someone appears to have deliberately poisoned pohutukawa trees at a popular children’s park at Paraparaumu Beach.

The Council says it’s letting Maclean Park users know that six large pohutukawa trees have recently died and will need to be removed.

Parks and Recreation Manager Alison Law says staff investigated after finding a mysterious substance at the base of the dying trees.

“During regular maintenance we noticed some of our large trees were dying.

“It’s extremely unusual to see pohutukawa of this age die naturally so we’re sad to see them in this state. We found a granular substance sprinkled around the base of the trees so we sent it off for testing and it’s been confirmed as Picloram, a high grade herbicide which we don’t use in our parks.”

She says: “We’ve removed the substance but unfortunately we’ll eventually need to remove the trees – we’ll keep park users in the loop about when this will happen.”

Mother and children beside empty pond at Maclean Park

The Council has also reported the matter to the local Police and says anyone with information “should touch base with them directly.”


Should wait a while before removing any of the trees, as only one appears to be completely dead. Unless some branches become dangerous in which case they should be removed, KCDC should wait a few months, or a growing season before “removing” them to see how/if they recover. How long ago did KCDC notice they were dying?