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Elizabeth Coleman and Gill Ward report local poets are still buzzing after Mark Raffills’ visit.

They say he’s a fine performance poet, confident and easy, and he entertained local poets wonderfully.

“Isn’t this the best value for $5?” — she says.

The best value for $5

To have guests travel so far for our poetry pleasure is amazing (in this case, Snell’s Beach).

A few of you were disappointed to miss out on buying one of Mark’s books, so he’s happy to be contacted by anyone who wants a copy. He brought along: ‘love, mis-loved and loved again’ and ‘The Cornfield and Other Poems’.

Here’s his email: mark@drycrust.com

Richard Langston next

Richard Langston

October’s guest is Richard Langston. He is a well-known journalist, freelance writer, radio presenter and tv director of Country Calendar as well as a talented poet who has published several poetry


Having been our guest before, we know he is a generous and popular performer, so come early to get a good seat.

Richard says poetry should be about ‘sound and sense’, ‘memory and imagination’; he has written small but powerful poems about enormous events such as the Christchurch earthquake.

His poems deal with feelings, real people, the personal; they are evocative. You will have many an ‘aaaaah moment’ listening to him.

Hightide Café staff support of our events generously and we encourage you to support them too. They keep open late for us on a Sunday and always make us welcome each month.

The 4 pm open mic session is proving very popular –- with 20 participants in September! –- but we have to be careful not to squeeze the guest poet.

In fairness, one poem is a great contribution to the afternoon’s entertainment; one poem that is no longer than one page, please. There is an exception for haiku on which you can double up (and also repeat each one). Please be aware there is a timing issue, especially when there’s a huge line-up.

We want to remind you of the poetry competition run by Kapiti Independent News, deadline of  15th October. Send poems (up to 20 lines) as attachment, with your details in the body of the email only, to: kiwibooks17@gmail.com  There is a prize of $50 Paper Plus voucher as well as a new book from Paper Plus.

November is our final event for the year. As usual, we’ll have a bit of a celebration to note what a good poetry year 2018 has been. And it has been, hasn’t it?

Fiona Farrell — coming in November

Dates for your diaries:

October 28th – Richard Langston

November 25th – Fiona Farrell

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